Who is Francine Hemmings?

Profile of Francine Hemmings, with a diploma in osteopathy

Maintaining health in harmony with nature has always been at the center of her being.

She has been looking for ways to optimize her physical health and well-being in order to share the results of her beneficial experiences with her patients.

Her conclusion? Food, the outdoors and peace of mind are essential to a healthy balance. The Osteopathy method has been part of her life journey in search of better physical health and greater well-being.

Osteopathy is an approach to healing that is hands-on, gentle and powerful. It accompanies the body in its quest to find its own means of self-healing. Francine embarked on Osteopathy’s rigorous 7-year training program in order to provide the benefits of a technique that has proven its effectiveness for more than a century.

Her training culminated with a written memoir on how to achieve an optimal state of mind which is the basis for her role as advocate for healing and physical autonomy. The great osteopath founders, contemporary and current, have inspired her throughout her career.

Always attracted to nature, she now makes her home in Quebec’s beautiful Eastern Townships. She currently practices her profession in the village of Mansonville.